Publishing Updates

A quick update: the book is done and Ibrahim is working on the cover.

Long update: paperwork sucks.  

However, in all of my haste to finish editing my book, I kind of forgot the importance of working out the registration details to upload the finished product.

Amazon threw me for quite a loop when I discovered registering is easy, but in Canada-land they will only pay you with a cheque. Direct deposit is not an option. However, if you live in Latvia, you’re all set. Direct deposit is go! (If you don’t know – and I didn’t, I had to look it up – the population of Latvia is equivalent to the population of Toronto). Poor Canada.

The iBookstore is a bit more complex. To upload content you need an iTunes Connect log in. That requires a US tax ID. There isn’t much in the way of clarity in this process. At one point I was under the impression I needed to fill out three to five separate forms. Luckily, there are helpful people on forums who have done this before. The only downside is you can’t submit anything online. And the toll-free number is only valid in the US.

Apparently to get an ISBN-13 number (required for the iBookstore but optional for Kindle), you have to register with the Library and Archives website. It will take up to 10 days for them to process my request for a bar code number, so hopefully I did it right.

Suddenly getting someone else to publish things for you makes WAY more sense.



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