Are eBook Readings a thing?

For an authentic experience, watch the video on your smartphone at Chapters.

I guess that’s the problem with an ebook in the end. You don’t really have an opportunity to go to a bookstore and read a chapter. I mean, I guess you could. But then the staff asks you to leave because you’re causing a scene. At least that’s what they tell me when I read aloud from books I don’t own to strangers I’ve never met.

Book signings are a bit trickier too. Most people would take issue with signing their tablet. And since glass is easy to clean a pen won’t work. The only option is to scratch my name into the ereader with my keys. I can’t imagine this is a positive experience for anybody.

So look for it soon – along with posting the first few chapters of my book – I’ll include the Book Reading equivalent of me talking to my video camera. Edited for length. Obviously. I might include different camera angles. Or get someone else to do it in the event my voice sounds whiny.


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