I finished writing the book blurb description thingy.

Paul and Steph helped a lot. So a huge thanks to them for being online while I pulled my hair out typing things that were lame. You can read the book description after the jump.


Halflings, as the name implied, were roughly half the size of the average human. They came to just above the waistline and their large feet were almost as iconic as their love for ale. It wasn’t until the nobility forced halflings into a life of servitude that their small stature became associated with their worth: half of everyone else.

Logtar Pantsonfire chose the life of a thief instead of a servant. Gold was the only thing in Elfarenth that didn’t discriminate based on height. But on the night when Logtar stole a rather dull-looking green pendant, he was caught. Now he’s on the run with a pendant that holds an impossible secret as he’s chased by a warrior who seemingly cannot be killed.

What makes the dull necklace so valuable? Why is the Brotherhood of the Moon afraid the world is coming to an end? Why does the wizard with platinum hair treat Logtar like an equal? What makes Logtar think cheesecake is a pie?

In a world that’s always knocking him down, will Logtar lose the strength to stand?

The Village of Erb: The Brotherhood of the Moon.


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