Acknowledgements posted in full after the jump.

The name Logtar came from my first-year university calculus professor. He was explaining L’Hôpital’s rule (the process of solving for an equation that divides by zero… or something similar to that) and his thick accent mumbled out the perfect name for an epic fantasy character. Either that or I was easily distracted by the cute girls in my class. I’m inclined to guess the latter. Anyway, accents and pronunciation aren’t the point. Neither is the myth that you can’t get lower than 32% in a course (so if you’re reading this looking for help with your calculus assignment, you’re in a world of trouble right now).

Not long after learning about L’Hôpital and the incorrect pronunciation of his name, my best friend, Daniel, introduced me to a fantasy MMO that was fairly popular at the time. No, this was before that one came out. And no, this is also unrelated to the above-mentioned-grade. Always fond of Tolkien’s The Hobbit, I created a halfling rogue.

I gave up on Chemical Engineering by the end of the first semester. I learned how factories make concentrate orange juice so that it still taste relatively like orange juice. Riveting, I know. Instead, I started attending classes with my friend Joey. Her classes were actually interesting! I decided to switch into a Bachelor of Arts program, and Joey came up with a brilliant way to get me familiar with the Arts side of the Waterloo campus. Just before we all left for the christmas break, she sent me on a quest.

Daniel came with me. We had to search through most of the art buildings on the campus and take pictures as proof that we finished the list. At one point we interrupted a drama class so we could take a picture with them on stage. In each picture we needed to hold an “enchanted mystical blade” we created out of utensils from the cafe. We gave our swords names and wrote about their history.

The Village of Erb and the characters that lived there told a very different story back then. After first-year, as I started on my Arts degree, I wrote them as gifts to Joey when she transferred to U of T (yes, I had a huge crush on her at the time if you haven’t gathered). It was a story told in six parts, drawing on inside jokes and significant places throughout Waterloo.

Since then the story and its characters have been rewritten, revised, re-imagined, and revived from the dead. I wrote the first story about a halfling named Logtar Pantsonfire in 2003. He found a mystical sword and became friends with a wizard. There are almost ten years of experiences living in this story now. Characters are based less on friends I know and have since taken on a life of their own. There are as many people who helped me finish this story as those who helped start it.

I remember sitting down to lunch with Ibrahim and talking to him about trees (he was so kind to humour me and listen). My sister was always a good person to bounce ideas off of, even though, if it were up to her, the only character in the book would be Enchantra.

I’ve always been in constant competition with Paul over who could finish their book first and there are dozens of friends who kept me company online while I wrote late into the night. And so, to everyone who has contributed to this story in some way – and trust me, you have – thank you.


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