Pepsi with Cherry tastes like I’m drinking chapstick

I’m on holiday for a week. The cottage is pretty quiet when you’re the only one here.

I have a lot of plans for this excursion up north. Photograph the meteor shower is one. I think it would be pretty cool to catch, clean, cook, and eat a fish too. After all the rain I can finally have a bon fire — that should help with the cooking part of the fish. And fire is a required ingredient to make S’mores (isn’t it?)

This holiday is also a bit of time to work on the book I started in May. There should be no distractions when the only internet I can get is with a tether to my iphone. And it takes dozens of seconds to get anywhere and load a site. It’s almost too frustrating to want to procrastinate.

We’ll see how far I get in this mad ambition to finish a book I’m only halfway done at best. In the past 6 hours I only managed to finish two pages. But I also took a nap, made a late lunch, and watched an episode of BBC Sherlock because it’s brilliant.

Oh god – I won’t have any trouble not-writing at all! Look! I’d rather blog about the distractions I’ve had so far than work on chapter 12. This doesn’t bode well.


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