This is a halfway point

Last night I took pictures of the stars. It was pretty cool. Going up north where there aren’t any city lights is beautiful. I’m just about to go back and try again (this time to take a bunch of pictures and merge them all together into a star trail. I guess. Well, I’ll try it).

The downside of taking pictures until all hours of the night is I slept in WAY late. Depending on what time it is when I come back from stargazing, I’ll try and finish the current chapter. That will take me to the halfway point for the book that doesn’t have a title yet.

Finishing this book by the end of the week seems kind of unlikely the more I think about it.


One thought on “This is a halfway point

  1. Edit:
    So much for that plan. When did it start raining? And it was ninja-rain – the kind you don’t hear or notice until you go outside and realize now you’re wet.

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