bacon is the new ketchup

Although it takes more work, hotdogs with a side of bacon is so much better than any other condiment. of ever.

The rain (and clouds) cleared last night at something around super-late P.M. So I spent more time than I should admit trying to take pictures of star trails. You know those really cool pictures where you have something in the foreground and the circular path of the stars in the background? The stars aren’t actually moving, mind you. The earth’s rotation makes them look like they’re moving.

So it involves taking tons of pictures with your shutter open for, like, 30 seconds at a time. And compiling them into one picture. And fiddling. So now I shoot all my pictures in RAW instead of JPEG. Which I always thought sounded so pretentious… but I totally get why people do it now.

I couldn’t stay out as long as I would have liked because a really thick fog swept in. The fog persisted until the morning, and for whatever reason, the tiny suspended water droplets reflected the 7AM sun past the partially open curtains and around the bedroom door that was open a crack, and right into my face. So I walked around taking pictures for an hour. None of which I liked in the end.

The day was cold though. So I took naps to past the time until the afternoon made everything warm again. I revised some of my outline for the newest book (I really need to come up for a name for it), and spent the evening taking more pictures of stars!

Somehow, taking 45 pictures to merge into one didn’t provide me with the spectacular payoff I expected. And the problem with trial and error is that 45 pictures is about an hour’s worth of work. That’s a big time commitment for mistakes and trying new things.


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