The Query Letter is like a longer Synopsis I guess?

So this is a thing I did just now: Harper Voyager Submissions

Harper Voyager is holding a two-week send-us-things-you-wrote open submission. Even though they said it was just for UK, Australia, and the US, this is one of the few times I’ll think of Canada-land as America-Junior and cross my fingers that my combination of words ending in “our” is UK enough and my location is US enough to be included in the process.

It took two hours to write the synopsis and the query letter. Never have I felt more like an amateur since I needed to look up both of them. And after spending HOURS on them, I am immediately paranoid that I put in an incorrect email address.

Send me a confirmation email damn it!

It always bothered me that I have so much trouble condensing The Village of Erb into a short synopsis. I’m never sure if that’s because it’s a story with too many ideas, or I just love it so much I can’t objectively look at the whole picture without feeling like I’m skipping page 3 in chapter 7.

I expect the open submission will get 9 billion submissions so I still plan to e-release once Ibrahim has a front cover for me (which I’ve been told will be soon-ish)



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