About the Author

IMG_0299Hi! I’m Andrew Vecchiarelli, and I write books sometimes.

I think this is the place where I should add a pretty empowering picture of myself like they have on the inside of a book jacket. Maybe in black and white with a pipe or wearing glasses. I had enough trouble trying to find a profile picture for Facebook, and in the end the best one I could find made me look like a real estate agent.

I digress.

Actually, I think I’m supposed to write this in third person. Maybe it makes the picture less ridiculous if it sounds like someone else is talking me up and they’re the ones that happened to capture a candid photo of me while I was acting stoic.

Andrew Vecchiarelli was born in Canada. After completing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Waterloo he moved back to the Greater Toronto Area and started working for a bank. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s one of the top five. Ruggedly handsome and often posing in black and white pictures smoking pipes or wearing glasses, Andrew writes fiction, fantasy, science fiction, blogs, and facetious third-person autobiographies.

His first book –  The Village of Erb – was released in December 2012.

Then he wrote another one – C:\anada – The Root Directory – in January 2014.


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