I wrote a book…

You should buy it.

The Village of Erb Cover

(Bonus! The US version contains words with a significantly higher concentration of the letter U)

Or you can always read Chapter 1 and make up the end.

OH! And send some love to Ibrahim who did a fantastic job on the front cover!


The Query Letter is like a longer Synopsis I guess?

So this is a thing I did just now: Harper Voyager Submissions

Harper Voyager is holding a two-week send-us-things-you-wrote open submission. Even though they said it was just for UK, Australia, and the US, this is one of the few times I’ll think of Canada-land as America-Junior and cross my fingers that my combination of words ending in “our” is UK enough and my location is US enough to be included in the process.

It took two hours to write the synopsis and the query letter. Never have I felt more like an amateur since I needed to look up both of them. And after spending HOURS on them, I am immediately paranoid that I put in an incorrect email address.

Send me a confirmation email damn it!

It always bothered me that I have so much trouble condensing The Village of Erb into a short synopsis. I’m never sure if that’s because it’s a story with too many ideas, or I just love it so much I can’t objectively look at the whole picture without feeling like I’m skipping page 3 in chapter 7.

I expect the open submission will get 9 billion submissions so I still plan to e-release once Ibrahim has a front cover for me (which I’ve been told will be soon-ish)


Waiting be the hardest part (yarr)

Shiver me timbers indeed – why is it so cold today?

I haven’t done any writing since my holidays in August. Mainly because I’ve been so busy with house-stuff. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a nice couch? It’s almost impossible. Anyway, on Monday I signed the final papers for the purchase and now I’m just waiting by my phone for someone to call me to pick up the keys. I haven’t really slept since signing. I’m exhausted, cold (September, what’s your deal?), and anxious. How many times can I keep checking my phone to make sure I didn’t miss their call?

Current count is 34.

On top of all that, I don’t have anything to keep me busy. I have to wait to install iOS6 because I just know people will try to call me while I’m in the middle of an update. Everything I own is pretty much in a box. Including warm sweaters (Seriously, September, what the hell?). I feel like I should go look for a couch or kitchen utensils I probably don’t need just to keep myself busy.

Somewhat related side note: where can I get a reasonably priced lemon zestor?

Call my phone house-people!

I’ll have pictures to post when I have furniture inside. Although without a couch I think empty-concept is the new open-concept. Think about it. Furniture just gets in the way. You really want space? I’ll give you echo!

happy talk-like-a-pirate day!

I spell “zucchini” with a Q

It rained most of the day. Well, it wasn’t raining at 6 in the morning when I woke up briefly, contemplated taking pictures of the sunrise over the trees, and promptly went back to bed because that took much less effort.

Overcast and rain meant for a rather boring, yet productive, writing day. I have a detailed outline of the next six chapters. Then some stuff will happen. And then comes the end.

I might have more work ahead of me than I realize.

This is a halfway point

Last night I took pictures of the stars. It was pretty cool. Going up north where there aren’t any city lights is beautiful. I’m just about to go back and try again (this time to take a bunch of pictures and merge them all together into a star trail. I guess. Well, I’ll try it).

The downside of taking pictures until all hours of the night is I slept in WAY late. Depending on what time it is when I come back from stargazing, I’ll try and finish the current chapter. That will take me to the halfway point for the book that doesn’t have a title yet.

Finishing this book by the end of the week seems kind of unlikely the more I think about it.

Pepsi with Cherry tastes like I’m drinking chapstick

I’m on holiday for a week. The cottage is pretty quiet when you’re the only one here.

I have a lot of plans for this excursion up north. Photograph the meteor shower is one. I think it would be pretty cool to catch, clean, cook, and eat a fish too. After all the rain I can finally have a bon fire — that should help with the cooking part of the fish. And fire is a required ingredient to make S’mores (isn’t it?)

This holiday is also a bit of time to work on the book I started in May. There should be no distractions when the only internet I can get is with a tether to my iphone. And it takes dozens of seconds to get anywhere and load a site. It’s almost too frustrating to want to procrastinate.

We’ll see how far I get in this mad ambition to finish a book I’m only halfway done at best. In the past 6 hours I only managed to finish two pages. But I also took a nap, made a late lunch, and watched an episode of BBC Sherlock because it’s brilliant.

Oh god – I won’t have any trouble not-writing at all! Look! I’d rather blog about the distractions I’ve had so far than work on chapter 12. This doesn’t bode well.