somewhere between moderate and epic proportions

Spoiler: I’m not very good with last names.

Last spring, as I sat down at my desk, I found a tiny pin propped up on my keyboard. It was a small token from a team building course that my boss found tucked away in her drawer and she thought I’d like it. I didn’t know that at the time. I just stared at it, confused. Had I been secretly initiated into a special group of excelleron-ness?

Obviously the first thing I did was google the pin – followed by a quick sense of disappointment because my imagination had come up with a better, yet less-plausible, version that involved awards of awesomeness.

BUT, I liked the idea of finding something that led to a grand adventure. It sounded pretty exciting in my head. So I wrote another book. After finishing the first draft, I’ve been making adjustments, tweaks, and changes. I kinda like where it is now (almost a year since I started it).

This book follows Mckenzie Noble, an app developer in Toronto, who happens to uncover a Canadian conspiracy of somewhere-between-moderate-and-epic proportions. It starts by finding a tiny pin at her desk.

The working title so far is /Canada

So, yeah, I should probably write more about it on this blog. You know, before I get carried away and start working on something else because I’m suddenly struck by a crazy idea.