The Village of Erb

The Village of Erb and the characters that live there told a much different story back in 2004 when I first wrote it. Since then it’s been rewritten, revised, re-imagined, rebooted, and revived from the dead (but maybe not in that order). A lot has changed from the original story of a halfling named Logtar Pantsonfire who stole a mystical blade that let him see in the dark to now, where a halfling named Logtar Pantsonfire steals a mystical necklace.

Logtar’s journey is that of a thief who thinks the world is worthless – and rightfully so. Halflings are treated like servants and forced into servitude by the nobility. Logtar’s only care is money since it’s the only thing in Elfarenth that treats people like equals. And to make matters worse, that mystical necklace he stole has the potential to end the world.

So the world is pretty screwed.

How does Logtar’s life change when he meets Amourelle, a member of the religious order that worships the moon? Or as he trains to defend himself from the immortal warrior in the elf city with Agion the wizard and Veloice the bard? You’ll have a chance to find out in April  May  December when The Village of Erb: The Brotherhood of the Moon is released on Kindle devices.


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